A Little about us

PLTFV LUBRICANT PRODUCTS TRADING was established in 2019 based upon attending The Manila Auto International Show 2019. We realised that at that time, there was no complete fuel treatment solutions in The Philippines. Our booth at the Auto show was extremely well received by the public and we later received an invitation by Government bodies, NGO’s and several private companies. We conducted a demonstration at the Manila Hotel for the Government sector, Department of Energy & SMDC as well as NGO firefighters who were very interested in using fueldoctor to maintain their firetrucks and ambulances.

PLTFV LUBRICANT PRODUCTS TRADING was officially registered as a company on 29th April 2019

Our current premises is at:
Unit C 2nd Flr,
Naga Rd, Pulanglupa Dos,
Las Piñas City

PLTFV LUBRICANT PRODUCTS TRADING is the official distributor for Fuel Doctor in the Philippines.

Our Mission

To introduce Fuel doctor as a new efficient & revolutionary fuel treatment solution.
Fuel doctor will save you time, money & extend the life of your machine.

Our Scope

PLTFV LUBRICANT PRODUCTS TRADING caters for the end-user, Government and private sectors and hopes to change the culture of maintenance. We use the latest technological advancements in order to optimise results while reducing the cost of maintenance in the long term.

The benefits of using Fuel Doctor includes but is not limited to:
1) Low cost,
2) Environmentally Friendly,
3) zero downtime which means more productivity.
4) Because it doesn’t require manpower incidents are reduced significantly.
5) Does not affect the property of the fuel combustion.
6) It has the ability to adapt to any fuel.
7) Does no harm in excess

We provide Fuel Treatment solution to cater for the Automotive industry, Oil and gas industry, Heavy duty industry and Marine & Offshore industry.


For any questions regarding Fuel Doctor and its uses please use the form to get in touch.


Unit C 2nd Flr, Naga Rd, Pulanglupa Dos, Las Piñas City

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